Bells Palsy Treatment Bristol

Bells Palsy in Bristol, England

Need Bell’s Palsy Botox Treatment in Bristol?

“Bells palsy” is the unexplained and sudden failure of the facial nerve on one side of the face. This leads to loss of function of the muscles of the face and neck on the affected side. It creates an asymmetric appearance and whilst some patients make a full recovery, some will not be so fortunate and be left with a troubling asymmetry and synkinesis.

Cosmetic Treatment For Bell’s Palsy.

Fortunately, the asymmetry of facial nerve palsy can be improved by the use of accurately placed and diluted botulinum toxin injections in the face and neck. The injections are given through a very fine needle just under the skin and are surprisingly tolerable. Effects can start to be seen a few days after the treatment although may take a fortnight to fully develop. Top up treatment may or may not be required. Effects last for up to 9 months although this is variable and may only last a few months in some people. Read more about Bristol Botox treatment.

You should wait at least 6 months from the onset of Bell’s palsy before considering injectable facial treatments because some nerve function may recover during that time.

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